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Pet Trusts – incorporate provisions into your trust, or create one for them


The Law Offices of Sharma Kliche is a highly acclaimed and talented team of passionate attorneys, that focus on providing superior quality & custom tailored legal services. Our firm’s goal is simple: provide proficient legal services,

phenomenal customer service, and treat our clients as family using innovative and

progressive approaches to the law. Our firm is comprised of pet lovers, foster parents, volunteers and board members for Fix Long Beach and Sparky and the Gang Animal Rescue.  We have done many pro bono projects for local rescues including Long Beach Animal Advocates, Pibbles N Kibbles Animal Rescue, and Food for Pets in Need.   Our staff have volunteered tens of thousands of volunteer hours in rescue and fostering. We understand the need for proper planning for our pets

and yours!


Why is it important to plan for your pets?


There is no safety net for your pets if you become incapacitated or pass away. Many people believe that someone will take control of their pets.  They do not know that you not only need to plan for a new guardian for them, but also their healthcare

and maintenance expenses with contingencies.  They can be left behind in your home to suffer, be surrendered to a shelter, euthanized or put out on the streets, or sold or given away on Craigslist to someone who will sell them to a research facility or worse. It is important that someone knows where they are and how to care

for them. The best way to do this is through an estate plan.


How do I plan for my pets if they outlive me?


The easiest way to plan for your pets is to incorporate them your pet into your estate plan to make sure they are cared for after your death or incapacity.

In California, pets are considered personal property, so you have to “gift” them to

trusted individuals (with contingencies) along with a financial gift for their care. If

you already have a trust, you may need a simple amendment to include your pets.  Alternatively, if you have pets that require specific care needs, then you can make a trust designed specifically for them called a pet trust. 

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