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How do I know if an attorney is knowledgeable in estate planning?

An estate planning attorney should be able to have a very in-depth conversation about estate planning when you call him/her. This includes knowing about the various documents that are included in an estate plan (trust, pour over will, durable powers of attorney for finance, health care, HIPPA, schedules, and guardianship), probate protection, tax planning measures, and asset protection opportunities. Please be advised that asset protection is MUCH MORE than simply creating the trust. It can be making a revocable trust with land trust principles, or creating an irrevocable trusts. The exact type of asset protection measure depends on your needs. Creating an estate plan is one of the most important documents that you will ever create, so choosing your attorney is of extreme importance.

Please call us for a free phone consultation on estate planning or any of our legal services. 714-642-3838

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