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How to file a fiancé petition

The following steps are necessary to file a petition for your fiancé:

  1. The U.S. citizen sponsor must file form I-129, Petition for Alien Fiancé, with the USCIS office where you live.

  2. After the petition is approved, it is sent to the NVC (National Visa Center). The NVC will give you a case number and send the petition to U.S. Embassy or Consulate where you fiancé lives.

  3. NVC will then send you a letter when it sends your case to the Embassy or Consulate. Once you receive this letter, tell you fiancé to take the following actions to apply for the K-1 visa and prepare for the interview:

  4. The foreign citizen fiancé and eligible children (K-2 visas) have to bring the following documents to the visa interview: DS-160 (you and any eligible children must bring the confirmation page for the completed DS-160), valid passport, divorce or death certificates of any previous marriages for you and the U.S. citizen sponsor, police certificates, medical examination (vaccines are optional but highly recommended – they are needed for the adjustment of status petition), Evidence of financial support (I-134), two 2X2 photographs, evidence of your relationship with U.S. citizen, payment of fees.

Please be advised that the processing times vary from case to case. For most cases at the current time, it is expected that the visa may be given between 6-12 months. It is extremely important that you follow the instructions implicitly. Failure to follow the instructions will result in the delay of your case. For more information about immigration or any of our legal services, , please call us for a free phone consultation.

, please call us for a free phone consultation.

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