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What to look for when hiring an attorney

When you decide to hire an attorney, you will want to consider the following:

  1. Communication

  2. Explains fees (fee agreements)

  3. Explain that there are no guarantees

  4. Document critical decisions

Initially, you will more than likely talk to your attorney over the phone or meet for an initial consultation. Whether over the phone or in person, you will have a good opportunity to see if the attorney rushes you over the phone, or takes the time to explain your situation and the possible outcomes. This is a good time to ask the attorney how he/she prefers to communicate whether via phone, email, or have a meeting. Next, you will want the attorney to thoroughly go through the fee agreement if you decide to sign up so that you understand what you will be charged for, and how often you will expect to receive a bill. Further, you and your attorney should go over the likely outcomes of the case and realize that nothing in the law guaranteed. Nothing can be protected 100% or there is no way to ensure that the other side settles the case, etc. Finally, you two should discuss how to make critical decisions in a case. For example, in our law firm all critical decisions of a case must be made in writing. If you communicate in writing, then there is less of a chance of miscommunication. The decision to hire an attorney is an important one. If you choose wisely, you may have found yourself a confidant and advisor for life. If you choose poorly (for example deciding based on price alone), you may put your case in more jeopardy. For more information on this or any of our legal services, please call our office for a free legal consultation!

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