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Why should you get your estate plan done before the holidays?

During the holidays, everyone is busy making travel plans, buying gifts, or shopping for family gatherings. People forget that this time of year is also one of the most dangerous times as well. One of main reasons is because the increase in commuter traffic. Not only do you deal with rush hour traffic, you are dealing with rush hour shopping. Parking lots at malls, and other shopping outlets are extremely packed which contributes to more accidents. The freeways going to these places are more congested as well. Combining these factors with your overall stress to get your errands done leads to accidents. Recently, there has also been an increase in “road rage.” All of this contributes to potential problems for you. One of the best ways to prepare for these occurrences is to create an estate plan. Estate plans are not for when you die only, but can also assist you if you are sued by incorporating asset protection measures. This latter benefit is the main reason you want to consider creating an estate plan before an occurrence that may lead to lawsuit like a car accident. Asset protection estate plans will allow you to hide your assets and make it very hard for people to discover them usually resulting in a settlement, rather than a lawsuit. For more information about asset protection estate plans or any of our legal services, please call us for a free legal consultation!

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