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Why is it still important to do my estate plan in a poor economy?

In a poor economy people are concerned about other issues rather than the law. However, a

good estate plan can offer protections you may not know about. A good estate plan (also

known as a living trust), can offer asset protection and privacy in addition to probate, and death

tax protection. In a poor economy, lawsuits rise. People need money, and filing lawsuits on

you personally or on your business is a great way to get it. Our estate plans can help hide your

assets and make it appear as if you have no money. Therefore, there is not a reason to sue. At

the time of this blog (April 2023), over 4,000 companies have announced layoffs. The list seems

to be getting bigger daily. This is a trying time for our economy. In our firm, we are seeing a

plethora of clients that are either the plaintiff or defendant in various lawsuits. These are the

highest numbers of lawsuits we have seen in 16 years. A good estate plan can offer you asset

protection measures to hinder people from being able to collect judgment from you and

encourage settlement. Please call us for a free phone consultation today!


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