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Triggering events that require updating your trust

Usually the only times you need to update your trust are when there are congressional changes in the law, or once every five years for your durable powers of attorney. This assumes that are there are no changes in your familial circumstances. If there are changes in your family dynamics, changes to your trust must follow immediately. Some of these changes include:

  1. Getting married (both traditional and same sex couples)

  2. Having a child (natural birth or adoption)

  3. Buying a home (funding purposes)

  4. Getting a divorce

  5. A death of one of the creators of the trust

  6. A death of one of the beneficiaries

  7. Getting an inheritance

  8. Disowning someone

  9. Birth of a grandchild

  10. Winning the lottery (for this one there is a lot that can be done)

Unfortunately, I cannot give an exhaustive list of triggering events, but if you do have a significant life change please contact our office for a free consultation!

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