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Why are divorces so high in the beginning of a new year?

Unfortunately, after the holidays, many people think of filing a divorce. Money is very tight for

a lot of people during the holidays and in the beginning of a new year. People are trying to pay

off credit card bills, property taxes, and get ready for taxes. Financial burdens can be very

stressful and can result in fighting between spouses. This results in divorce or legal separation.

Additionally, during the holidays, spouses are spending more time together because of time off.

Work may have been a reprieve from their relationship, and now that is gone. If the marriage

already has issues, then these issues are exacerbated when you spend more time together.

This also results in a desire to get away leading to divorce. So, once the holidays end people

begin calling their lawyers.

If you are looking for a divorce attorney, realize that in the beginning of a new year will be the

busiest time. Attorneys will need ample time to prepare because of the number of cases being


It’s important for potential clients to understand how to hire an attorney for a divorce. There

are four parameters you want to consider:

1. What is the strategy the lawyer is going to use in your case?

2. How are you and your attorney going to communicate -- how often, what fashion (calls,

emails, text), and how much are you going to be charged for each communication?

3. Affordability – what is the hourly rate, what is the retainer, and what is the minimum

balance that needs to be maintained?

4. Gut – trust your gut when talking with the lawyer. If you get a bad feeling after speaking

with the lawyer, choose someone else. Be advised however, if the lawyer is simply

telling you what you want to hear, that is not a good sign. You want a lawyer who is

going to speak his mind – give you a real assessment of your case. If he cannot do that

with you, how is he going to do that in court or with opposing counsel?

If you need a free phone consultation, please call us at 714.642.3838 and we would be happy to

speak with you!


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