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I am not married, and we broke up, do I have split assets?

Here in California, there is no common law marriage. Common law marriage was defined as a couple that portrayed themselves as a married couple without actually tying the knot. In states that recognize common law marriage, when the couple does split there are remedies like palimony available. Here in California, palimony (which is payments made by one party to the other in a couple split) only occurs if the couple moved to California and the state that they lived in previously did recognize common law marriage. If you never lived elsewhere and have been together for a long period of time, and now are breaking up, you do not have to pay palimony or split assets simply because you were together for a long time. This does not apply if you bought property together, or other combined assets, because both parties are on title to that asset. Such assets will be split evenly. We advise not buying significant assets with a partner if you are not certain that the relationship is a long term relationship. For more information on this area of family law or any of our legal services please call us at 714-642-3838 for a free consultation.

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