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Does a trust help when filing an immigration petition?

When filing an immigration petition (family based), the test is NOT marriage to a U.S. citizen but rather do you have a life together? We recommend submitting as many substantiation documents as possible showing that you have a life together. These include joint tax returns, joint utility bills, a joint living trust, joint bank accounts, joint car insurance, joint medical insurance, and joint car insurance. There is no specific list that you must include, but most people do not create trusts with someone other than their spouse. The trust signifies a life together because most married people will create it once they get married. The more substantiation documents that you can provide to USCIS the better it is for you as the petitioner and for the beneficiary. For more information about this, or any of our legal services please call us for a free strategy session where we will talk about your facts, the law that applies, and the strategies to help get success!

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